mayweather vs pacquiao

This is your fight.
Do what you are born to do.
If you are afraid of Pacquiao, suck it up.

If you are running out of excuses, just fight! Make it happen.

If you are looking for your 48th win, fight Pacquiao.
You will eventually get it after your two consecutive losses.

Start acting like a man.
The Romans, Leonidas’ 300, the Mongolians, the Persians, the Allies, they were all afraid of their enemies, but they fought anyway.
They were real warriors.
They too want to see this fight.
In fact, all of this universe (time and space and Einstein) will stop just to watch this fight.

Boxing is simple. Fight.
All pain is beautiful. When you’re hit, appreciate it.

Open your mind and heart, to hear out everyone. All the people in this world want to see this fight! Celebrities, the rock stars, nuns, everyone!

Some opportunities only come once but it is very clear that you want to steer away from this opportunity. Don’t. We are sick and tired of hearing people call you chicken or duck or pussy.

Boxing is for warriors. If you’re a true champ, fight this Fight.

Eat the knock-out punch. It will help you finally find the real meaning of your life. Please cry as hard as you can after you get defeated and remember, 47 wins – 2 losses are just numbers. Then you’ll feel better, then you’ll move on, then the world will too move on. We’re all going to die and everything will be forgotten. But before that happens, make that fight happen to shake the universe at its core. Immortality awaits.


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