Social Media Wars: The Empire vs The Barbarians

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Today’s social media landscape resembles that of the medieval times. Facebook is the Roman Empire while the rest are the barbarians.

If you’re a fan of history or literature detailing the era of that empire, you should know that the barbarians consistently attack Rome which eventually lead to their fall and decline. Now, we are not hoping that Facebook will also be annihilated. Rather, we are discussing that it is a big possibility especially that more and more people are starting to hate that network, case in point – marketers.

There’s a lot of social networks that are new or even older ones that maybe didn’t really hit your internet radar that are worth mentioning. Here’s a list:
Empire Avenue

We particularly like because of how it closely resembles Facebook minus all the crap.
WeHeartIt is similar to Pinterest but its color theme is pink and it is very selective when it comes to what size of pictures is pinnable.

Empire Avenue is cool especially for people who are into stocks or planning to work as stock brokers because it mirrors how to buy and sell stocks in the form of missions and all that EA jargon.

If you have a lot of unanswered questions and want to get instant answers, you’ll be amazed at the quickness and the number of answers you get from online users. But just be careful because they have a very tight enforcement team. They can disable your account without a warning at all if you violate some unknown rules which they refused to discuss with us when we asked them what we violated. Might be good if you read their epic terms and conditions just to be sure. Good luck with that.

Now, there’s 2 cool new sites which we think are greater threats to Facebook, one is Ello while the other one is which is pretty cool because its servers are hosted in Iceland. We’re not really sure why we think it’s cool just because they’re in Iceland but maybe because of their ice literally or maybe Iceland is just way too interesting. Ello claims that they won’t have ads and users won’t be tracked by marketers and all that internet privacy jazz. also tells a similar story (in fact, their site title says “No Spy Social Media!”. It is worth using because it has an integrated interface (in the form of tabs). There are forums, classifieds, blogs, polls, and others. By the way, we are actually their 57,658th member.

If you haven’t used any of those sites mentioned above, you should create accounts and give them a try. Don’t forget to add us too! 🙂

Seriously, we doubt Facebook is going to lay dead in the next 3 years or so unless they seriously f**k it up. We know it’s not impossible. If you’ve used Myspace or Friendster, then you know what we’re talking about.

Also, there’s this political factor that can easily shut down websites. Google vs Europe.

Anyway, we’ll see.

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