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The Time Traveller’s Diaries 1


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March 23, 2201


Woke up this morning to the noise outside the facility. Men and women shouting “We’re fucking immortalized!!!”. It is the worst news of our existence but we have to deal with it now. They will torture us in the worst way imaginable if we won’t submit. I’m writing this message as part of a secret collaboration to make things right. We are not sure if our plans will work but we must try. I’m not the only one sending these messages. If you happen to read our letters, please share it to everyone you know, EVERYONE. I don’t know from what year or from what generation you are but you need to help us fix our shared realities – this very moment. It may be difficult for you to understand some of the things I’ll share in this message but in due time, you’ll understand. Right now, the only thing you need to do is to spread this message to everyone, that’s it. We just need this message to reach “someone”.

Let me tell you something about what really happened today. The “Immortality Project” has taken its full course for the worst. The Bhotsey Empire’s plan to set up immortal slaves have succeeded. Yes, this empire is composed of immortals. They’ve succeeded in reprogramming our cyborgenetic make-up and now we are destined to serve them forever. But they didn’t realize that there are anomalies and maybe this is what they call astral projection. All I know is that I’m not even dreaming. I’m awake and I am perfectly aware of the texture of this paper. I can move freely and that’s why I am able to write these messages. Right now, my system is in the inactive mode giving me this opportunity to jump to a different place and time but I don’t know where I am right now and what year it is but I think I’m somewhere in the 20th century. This is actually the third time I’ve transported today but I’m not sure with the others. All I know is that there are five of us experiencing the same thing.

We are living right now in the worst dystopian future you can imagine. I guess this is the ultimate dystopia right now. This is hell…

If my message is incomplete, that means my system was reactivated before I finished writing.

The worst part of my message for you is to let you know that I am programmed to hack networked systems and eliminate specific targets. I don’t have control when I do that. They are using my knowledge to execute hacking operations and they have programmed my system to carry out murder. I’m sorry. But, you can help me and you can help all of us. We just need to use the space-time fractures to establish concurrent worlds. Please help and save our souls.

I’ll end this message right here, my system is already rebooting…..

Shouw Rectim, S.S.

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