project management

What do you want for your business operations and projects?

Whatever it is, you certainly need BoochiCo’s expertise to go beyond the current state of your business.

BoochiCo helps you identify which processes cost you time, money, and customers.
They help you identify what is working and what isn’t and provide recommendations to increase success.
They will focus on identifying your pain points and guaranteeing maximum results by improving efficiency and reducing costs.

BoochiCo works collaboratively with you and shows you why some businesses are more efficient in running operations and make sure you are able to apply all this knowledge by introducing methods for your company to work smarter and not harder.
They will make sure that project risk in execution is minimized.

BoochiCo delivers low-cost yet advanced project management solutions.
They offer a range of services and tailored solutions to suit your budget.

project management firm


BoochiCo will help you optimize your business capabilities without affecting your bottomline.
They will work on increasing project successes with more efficient processes that save time and money.
These processes use clear scope and detailed planning to assist in improving the end results of your projects.

BoochiCo helps you separate operations from projects so you can be more organised and effectively reduce stress.
They will ensure your business processes, people, and technology align.
They will increase accountabilities across all project teams for clear responsibilities to save time when making decisions and carrying out work.
BoochiCo improves collaboration across teams and throughout the company by utilising the most suitable resources for your organisation.
They will introduce a solid, structured process for clear and accurate reporting with overview on all projects across teams including inter-dependencies and management of risks and issues.

They will work with you to define your requirements, architect a high level solution, conduct detailed design, build and test, and then implement the solution.
BoochiCo also provides detailed handover and support post implementation to ensure you get maximum ROI.
They will create a model that will ensure best practice long after they are gone.



BoochiCo helps your business to grow and develop by achieving sustainable cost reduction.

They will help you understand what is possible and make it happen in a timely fashion while providing ongoing support and training services for you and your staff to ensure long term success.

BoochiCo increases your performance and maximizes successful outcomes.



BoochiCo has helped big businesses grow.

They have over 10 years of experience in IT and business projects across many industries for large corporate multi-national companies across the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, India, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea.

They have achieved outstanding success and cost reduction for clients across numerous sectors including banking, telecommunications, manufacturing, FMCG, utilities, pharmaceuticals, mining, retail, health and wellness, education, and others.

BoochiCo has worked on teams of over 200 resources, including permanent and contract staff, on programs with budgets of up to $800M.

They have experience and certifications in SAP, PMBOK, Prince2, Agile methodologies, ITIL V3, SharePoint, Solution Manager, and MS Project.

BoochiCo also provides training in all things project management for businesses, workplaces, and schools.
They also provide management solutions for events, seminars, and workshops.

Discover more about BoochiCo by visiting their website at

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