Boxing is just like war. One has to execute offense and defense to win. Most of the time, the side that wins is the side that has the most information about the enemy. With accurate information about the opponent, a group can wrap their war strategy and battle tactics around the final evaluation of an enemy based on those extra yet crucial intel. The best strategy and the perfect execution conquers empires.

In this special feature, the world of boxing meets the clandestine world of espionage. This is a classified document and only a few select group of people, which includes you, gets to read its content. Hear the foolproof fightplan of a Mossad Team who happens to be fans of one of the boxers who are about to have a showdown on May 2. Welcome to Level 9.

The MegaFight

With less than a week to go before the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, a representative Mossad agent contacted us to help relay his team’s carefully thought-out strategy for the ring-murder of one of the fighters. We attempted to uncover the agent’s identity but his encryption was so unlike anything we’ve seen. He, on the other hand, left us with a concise document (which we have condensed further) with an outline of the strategy and tactics that he and his team claims to be the only way for their selected fighter to degrade and destroy the opposite.

The Subject

Their unlucky subject is Floyd Mayweather Jr. They are a hundred percent certain that Mayweather will dominate and eventually win the bout if they will not interfere. Now you may think what an intelligence agency such as Mossad which is considered to be the world’s best spy network has got to do with a boxing match? We too are clueless. We tried to consult some senior analysts inside our team but they didn’t find any substantial data that they can wrap their minds around to arrive at a conclusive angle. They came up with a half-ass theory that the reason is merely financial. Is Mossad broke??? Anyway, that is not important at this stage. We’ll have to deal with the task at hand and we felt that sharing the information channeled through us even if we are not sure about its authenticity is the right thing to do. For all we know, the agent might just be another internet troll who just wants to have a good time.

The Mission

To degrade and ultimately destroy Mayweather in Round 8 of the megafight. The mission is codenamed “Operation Mortal Wrath”.

Dissecting Mayweather’s Artillery

His Weaknesses (Points of Attack)

  • nose
  • neck
  • right chest (heart)

His Hands

Mayweather probes with his left hand and hurts with his right hand. His mindset will always be to hit hard using his right hand and Pacquiao should always monitor it and avoid it at all cost.

His Feet

Based on his fight with Maidana, his footspeed has deteriorated and boxing analysts say that he can’t rely anymore on his speed alone for it is already irrelevant.


Undoubtedly, Mayweather is impressive at reading his opponents’ minds, controlling them, and setting them up at vulnerable positions. Unfortunately, it is also something that can be exploited to Pacquiao’s advantage.

Homecourt/Turf Advantage

The Mossad Team explicitly marked this with: “We’ll take care of it.”

His Obvious Strategy

To take it slow and being defensive but exhaust Pacquiao and attack him during his weakest moments. At least, that is what he is hoping will happen. He has done this efficiently on his match against Juan Manuel Marquez who happens to have similar style with Pacquiao – The Aggressor.

Mossad’s Strategy for Pacquiao

Degrade Mayweather in the first four rounds, and finish him off not later than the eighth round.


The Sprint Punch

When Mayweather senses an attack, he either moves his body to the left, to the right, or backwards. The Sprint Punch is a calculated punch with an educated guess as to which direction his body is going to move and hit it hard. The target is Floyd’s heart.

The Cross-Over Punch AKA The Fake Punch Maneuver

This is similar to The Sprint Punch only this time, the actual attack happens after a fake punch. The target is Floyd’s nose.

The Suicide Counter-Punch

If hit, punch back fiercely using left-right hand combo targeting Floyd’s neck. Pacquiao needs to absorb any possible counter from Mayweather.

Rapid Body Combo

At the end of the eighth round of the Mayweather-Marquez bout, Marquez attacked Floyd with a massive combo to the body. It may not be obvious for the commentators that Mayweather is grasping for air, but you can definitely see the effect Marquez’s punches had on him. Watch this part.

Dirty War

Koncz must verbally abuse Floyd Mayweather Sr. (while Jr. is on the ring) spitting out the former’s failures when the latter was still younger. Koncz is the perfect trash talker outside the ring. While inside the ring, it’s time for Pacquiao to step up in unexpected ways. He has to distract Mayweather by repeatedly saying “Your Neck” whenever possible but he must not smile until the fight is over.

Slow-Slow-Quick-Quick Campaign

This is a pacing formula to confuse and strain Mayweather. It simply means that Pacquiao needs to let Mayweather be the attacker at Slow periods but then surprise him at periods when PacMan decides to activate Quick periods, where he goes for the jugular.


A final word from the agent, you need to share this article to your friends because this is the only way this plan will reach Pacquiao and Roach. Should you choose to accept this mission, you will be regarded a martyr when your computer self-destructs after sharing this. BWAHAHAHAHA

PostScript: Here’s an awesome video about a Mossad Operation in Dubai – watch


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