The Best Books From The Urban Hood

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If you are looking for the best and freshest novels by African-American authors, here’s a new book by Ms. Sylvia Hardie. It is a novel called “Beauty Secret Blues”.

This book is great not only for the ladies but also for the fellas too. Generally, the black folks but hey this book has got a good traction of white readers and mixed race readers too! This book is a great mix of urban fiction, street tales, gangsta isht, and coming-of-age narratives.

Here are some reviews on the book:

“Appropriately titled. One can see the invisible yet visible human psyche revealed within each character. The indwelling of bad situations revealed denotes that the eminence of the epitome of the soul.” – Dr. Judy Garcia

“A stunningly frank novel with harsh, direct and unapologetic language. The story and its characters will capture your heart and disturb your mind long after you’ve read it.” – In2ition Magazine

About The Book

Sylvia taps on her own life experiences infusing her characters with depth, spirit, and the strength to deal with adversities they encounter growing up in poverty, violence, mental, sexual, and emotional abuse. The story centers around Big Mamma, who is power-obsessed. She’s a go-getter and her reign and power is felt by all. She created an organization called “The Hood” which is disguised as a non-profit.

To learn more about the book and Ms. Hardie, visit her website at

Ms. Hardie said that this book is similar to Sister Souljah’s “The Coldest Winter Ever” and “Midnight”. So by this comparison alone, this is really a spectacular book.

By the way, if you are looking for other Black American books and is trying to find the best bookstores all over America, here’s our list of American bookstores owned by African-Americans:

  • Deseret Book
  • Genesis Books
  • Assouline
  • Books At Never Enough Stuff
  • Pyramid Books
  • Afri-Ware
  • African Imports Houston
  • Alkebulan Images
  • Black & Nobel
  • Black Art Plus
  • Black Stone Bookstore
  • African Bookstore
  • See Me Online
  • Eso Won Books
  • Black Books Direct
  • Marcus Bookstore

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