A CrowdFunding Site For Artists and Researchers

crowdfunding for artists and musicians

We would like to invite all artists, composers, writers, film makers, musicians, engineers, mathematicians, and researchers to join www.Ratafire.com. It is a social and fun crowdfunding platform for creators like you!

It is one of the fundraising sites similar to Patreon, Kickstarter, Flattr, and Indiegogo but obviously much better. 🙂
Ratafire helps artists and researchers afford the time for creative freedom.

Do not panic when you just started. Even if you have no prospective patrons yet, your Facebook friends and fans are your captive audiences.
It is free to use and it is synced with Facebook fan pages. Your Facebook page fans can become your patrons easily. This makes Ratafire an excellent crowdfunding site for fundraising!

It is very easy to setup and it only takes 4 easy steps for you to accept patrons. 4 clicks for unregistered users and 2 clicks for registered users is all it takes to fund you.

There is no transaction fee like other donation-based funding sites which takes 5% off your funding. You get to keep the full amount. It is the same as putting up a PayPal donate button on your blog except that it is much easier and much more powerful. This is taking collaborative funding via the web to the next level. 🙂

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and join www.Ratafire.com now! 🙂

They are also encouraging patrons to join them to help realize their vision.
They have talented members with unique talents and remarkable projects waiting to be funded by you and they are sure you will enjoy what Ratafire has to offer.

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