Canada’s Hard Rock Band

canadian rockers

Ladies and gentlemen…



There are so many ways to describe a rock band but before we go about how to best describe them, we think you should listen to some of their songs first:

Kickin Me Down – play
I Wanna Rock – play

Our take is that their sound is a mixture of the following ingredients:

Bon Jovi
Velvet Revolver
country rock

What is your take? Please let us know using the comments section below.

This Canadian band was formed in 2000 at Midland, Ontario, Canada by the twin brothers Josh and Nick. Josh is the lead vocalist slash guitarist while Nick is a back-up vocalist and drummer. As far as our takes on describing their sound using several other bands, we should really get it straight from them. The following bands are their musical influences:

Rolling Stones
Cheap Trick
Molly Hatchet
Buck Cherry

The Jeffery Brothers gained prominence in the Canadian rock scene between 2003 and 2004 which lead them to signing a record deal with Rok Cartel Music Group in Canada.
They also went on a publishing deal with Splitting Headache with their debut album and has sold over 10,000 units to date.

With their studio EP, the brothers secured themselves a TV show called “Scooter Girls” at TSN/OLN Network in Canada. This in turn, opened doors for them to tour Canada.

In the band’s first album entitled “Cuttin Loose”, Josh showcases a dynamic 70’s style power chords while Nick exhibits thunderous drums which creates a raw explosive energy that evokes a genre-defining album fully loaded with rock and roll for a new generation of fans.

Standout tracks like “I Wanna Rock” and “Cuttin Loose” caught the ear of California’s B.O.K. Music Publishing which signed them a deal and have been in films and TV shows below:

Sons of Anarchy
Hard Time of RJ Berger
Carmen Electra Mardi Gras Spring Break
One For The Money

During these times, they opened their doors to Europe by signing a licensing deal with Stable Records in the UK. They started by playing at clubs in Germany, France, and other key European countries. They also performed on the hit TV show “Arbor Live” which has over 300,000 views weekly. It is a fast-paced music variety show that features emerging artists alongside today’s international superstars.

The Jeffery Brothers, they are going to rock the world. Check them out at their website.

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