What the F**k is Wrong with CNN??? – A Fight the Lamestream Premiere


You have seen it.

CNN is a biased network. Unprofessional journalism at its best. #Unfair&Biased.

CNN clearly hates Donald Trump and they don’t care how ugly they have become in the eyes of both Liberal and Conservative voters. Welcome to the new age folks!

Aside from CNN, there’s ABC, Aljazeera, and other lamestream media (oh there are lots of them) who are controlled by some evil forces that dictate the kind of journalism that serves their own purposes. Journalism is f**king dead.

Don’t trust the media anymore. Question everything.

Trump Finds Himself in ‘3-on-1’ Debate After ABC Moderator Keeps Pulling ‘Unbelievable’ Stunt…

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump accused the moderators of turning his Sunday debate with Hillary Clinton into a “three-on-one” affair, sparking new allegations of media bias. Many believe he had a point.

In one memorable moment, ABC News moderator Martha Raddatz took it upon herself to essentially debate Trump on military strategy in Iraq and Syria. READ ON

Geraldo: Media Bias Against Trump Is Like Nothing I’ve Seen

The mainstream media bias against Donald Trump is out of control, Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera said Sunday night on Fox News Channel’s “Justice With Judge Jeanine.”

Rivera was referring to the way news outlets reported on Trump’s Gettysburg address on Saturday afternoon:  Most led with his talk of suing the 11 women who have accused him of sexual assault. READ ON

Trump Adviser Starts Out CNN Interview by Scolding CNN for ‘Dishonest’ Reporting

Literally the second he started he started speaking on CNN this afternoon, Donald Trump adviser Jason Miller complained about the “dishonest” report that aired just before he appeared.

CNN’s Jim Acosta, on the Trump campaign trail, filed a report on the rocky few days the Trump team has had, what with Kellyanne Conwayadmitting they’re behind and all. READ ON






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