Love Espionage – Spy Revenge (2017) is the first full-length feature film directed by Indie filmmaker Charlene Jeter, with the original story and screenplay also written by her. The Executive Producer is Charlene Jeter and the Associate Producers are Munish Manjunath, Don Klenk, and Keith Rice.

It is a Romance film with a mix of suspense, spy action, and violence. The director said that the film is packed with both passionate love and extreme violence which spy and romance fans should enjoy.


The film’s plot revolves around the love affair of retired agents Raymond Carr and Penny Winters. They enjoy a comfortable life in the suburbs when Penny secretly accepts new undercover missions. Boris Petrov escapes a Siberian prison with one goal, and that’s revenge. He kidnaps Penny; and Raymond is launched back into the spy business. He will do anything to rescue Penny; but can he save her before it’s too late?

Filming locations were Detroit and Frankenmuth, Michigan, with interiors shot at Detroit Film Studio. Their goal was to turn Detroit into Russia and Germany and they believe they accomplished that.

Original Story

Charlene Jeter made a short film for a 24-hour film race. She loved the story so much that she wanted to find out what happened to her spies.

I wanted to develop my romance writing skills but I really like action movies. The original concept was created as a 7-minute short film created, filmed, edited and completed for a 24-hour film race competition. I loved the story concept and I wanted to find out what happened to Penny and Ray after retirement. Spy Revenge seemed to be the right motivation to draw our couple back into the espionage business“, remarked Charlene.

When asked about which popular movies her film is similar to, she said “I’m not sure if it can be compared to another film. It is a very original storyline.”


The main actors are Charlene Jeter (Penny Winters), Munish Manjunath (Raymond Carr), Matt Hudson (Boris Petrov), and Jovany Torres (Shane). Each character helps to define the world of Raymond and Penny post retirement.

Other actors:

  • Ray Morgis
  • Nicole Brown
  • Catherine Gold
  • Kizzmett Pringle
  • Calhoun Koenig
  • Yassie Hawkes
  • Serena Chiappelli
  • Chloe Chiappelli
  • Jimmie Chiappelli
  • Carolyn Sohoza
  • Duku Musaraj
  • Joshua Nielson
  • Harley Wallen
  • Michael Alexander
  • Tyler Bickel
  • Dominic Soave
  • Dewayne Hooper
  • Sharon Sigler
  • Tokmyo Faison
  • Brian Kasgorgis
  • Dominique Alexander
  • Kevin Mattson
  • Dennis Marin
  • Odell Johnson
  • Scott Huard
  • Shelton Martin


The production of the film began following a 7-minute short film created for the Ypsi24 which is a 24 hour film race in Michigan. “I liked the concept so much that I expanded the story and wound up writing a feature film. We started filming in December 2016 a few short scenes. The filming intensified in February. It was really cold. As the director it was my job to keep everyone motivated to continue, so I had this on going catchphrase, “Artists don’t get cold.” We got a lot done in a very short period of time“, said Charlene.

The soundtrack is being scored by award-winning film composer, Simone Cilio.

The film will be released on August 2017.

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