PODESTA EMAILS – Re: Deutsche Bank

On Fri, Nov 20, 2015 at 3:03 PM, Dan Schwerin <dschwerin@hillaryclinton.com> wrote: > Following up on the conversation this morning about needing more arrows in our quiver on Wall Street, I wanted to float one idea. In October 2014, HRC did a paid speech in NYC for Deutsche Bank. I wrote her a long riff about… Continue reading PODESTA EMAILS – Re: Deutsche Bank


From:mecof05@hotmail.com To: podesta@law.georgetown.edu Date: 2016-03-10 15:07 Subject: Crossroads comments Dear Mr. Podesta: I presume that there are very few observations of mine, which could be of use to Mrs. Clinton, but I do believe that she should do something about the repetitious content of Sanders attacks.  There are too many functional illiterates now in the… Continue reading PODESTA EMAILS – CROSSROADS COMMENTS


On Sat, Oct 24, 2015 at 9:01 AM, Huma Abedin <ha16@hillaryclinton.com<mailto:ha16@hillaryclinton.com>> wrote: She just called about the JJ speech. Isn’t entirely convinced it is the right speech to deliver. I suggest we get on phone with her to discuss. Our only window is 930 for 30 minutes. Hope that works. This email is intended only… Continue reading PODESTA EMAILS – Re: Call with HRC


HERE THEY ARE: HILLARY’S 22 BIGGEST SCANDALS EVER During his 1992 campaign for the presidency, Bill Clinton was fond of promising America, “You get two for the price of one,” indicating Hillary Clinton would act as his co-president. But the nation got much more than it bargained for, as the top power couple brought a… Continue reading LISTS OF CLINTON SCANDALS

Is Hillary’s Husband, Bill, Really A Rapist?

BUSTED! BILL CLINTON’S FACE WHEN TRUMP BRINGS UP THE RAPE ALLEGATIONS IS PRICELESS Epic moment, Donald Trump brought up Bill Clinton’s rape allegations during the Presidential Debate as the world is finally learning about the Clinton’s lifetime pattern of abuse towards women. Why does Hillary Clinton blame her husband’s victims and then destroy their lives… Continue reading Is Hillary’s Husband, Bill, Really A Rapist?

Did the Clintons Really Steal Aid from Haiti Earthquake Victims?

HAITIANS FEAR CLINTONS WILL ‘SCAM’ THEM AGAIN NEW YORK – Hurricane Matthew has reopened the debate over whether Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation provided true disaster relief for the people of Haiti after the 2010 earthquake or mostly enriched themselves at the expense of the suffering Haitian people. READ ON How… Continue reading Did the Clintons Really Steal Aid from Haiti Earthquake Victims?


NEW WIKILEAKS EMAILS: CLINTON CAMPAIGN INSIDERS FEAR BILL’S SEX LIFE COULD SINK HILLARY – read WikiLeaks releases 2nd batch of 2,000+ emails from Clinton campaign chair – read Emails remain a political migraine for Hillary Clinton —  and Trump pounces on them in debate – read Newly Leaked Emails Reveal Unprecedented Coordination Between Hillary Campaign… Continue reading THE MYSTERY OF THE MISSING EMAILS