The Accelerating World: Speed vs Control

  The Accelerating World: Speed vs. Control is a 2016 book by French entrepreneur and author Emmanuel Cassimatis. It is composed of discussions and examples of the phenomenal hypergrowths that has been taking place in the world over the past five decades; with anecdotes and graphs, on seven fields: demography, economy, technology, data, environment, freedoms…… Continue reading The Accelerating World: Speed vs Control

Expat Online Resources

ONLINE RESOURCES FOR EXPATS FOR CANADIAN EXPATS: Expats Podcast The Canadian Expat Canadian Expat Mom Canadian Expat Network FOR BRITISH EXPATS: British Expat British Expats Forum Telegraph Expat Votes for Expat Brits FOR EXPATS IN SOUTH AMERICA: Buenos Aires Expatriates Group The Expat Peru Network Yucatan Expat Life FOR EXPATS IN NETHERLANDS: I Am…… Continue reading Expat Online Resources

Trump Slaps Obama’s Face With the Carrier Deal

Obama who is the worst President in American history has criticized and ridiculed Trump a lot of times. He started a joke about Trump but he didn’t know that the joke was on him. One of the nasty things he commented about Trump on was when he asked sarcastically how Trump can bring back jobs…… Continue reading Trump Slaps Obama’s Face With the Carrier Deal