The Keffiyehs Scarf

Hi everyone, there’s a new website that sells great scarf/scarves. Inspired by Palestinian fashion, present an array of elegant middle eastern themed scarves. One of them is the blue and white Arab shemagh head scarf neck wrap. It is brand new and a great value shemagh with blue and white middle eastern head and… Continue reading The Keffiyehs Scarf

StaySlimUK – Clothing and Fashion Inspired by Fitness

StaySlimUK is a brand by JW Innovation Limited, a company based in UK. StaySlimUK advocates health and fitness in the UK. They have released a line of clothing which includes hoodies. In England, obesity is affecting their society and it must be stopped. For this reason, StaySlimUK is created. The core of the StaySlimUk brand… Continue reading StaySlimUK – Clothing and Fashion Inspired by Fitness

The Zippo SuperGroup

Hi Guyz, there’s a new Facebook Page for all Zippo Lighter fans. It is a place where all collectors, enthusiasts, sellers, buyers, and Zippo lovers from around the world unite and nurture a community of like minded Zippo individuals. You can post and interact with Zippo lovers, see features on a regular basis, see pictures,… Continue reading The Zippo SuperGroup


LOOKING FOR A ZIPPO LIGHTER? Hey guyz. There’s a website where you can find rare Zippo lighters including classics. The site is Zippo Collectibles and it features a collection of souvenir lighters with lots of designs. There are poster and old-fashioned Zippo lighters too! Need help finding that Zippo lighter you’ve been looking for? Please write it… Continue reading ZIPPO