survivor eternity fans vs fans

DEC. 20, 2015

Jeremy is the sole survivor sweeping the final jury votes 10-0-0 over Spencer and Tasha. Kelley Wentworth did a fantastic 4th place finish even becoming a bigger threat over Spencer and Tasha.

SEP. 30, 2015

In another thriller, Shirin voted out against her alliance Spencer, 5-4. Varner switched back to his first Old School alliance with Terry and Wigglesworth and added Abi-Maria and Wentworth in the mix.

SEP. 23, 2015

Survivor Cambodia has begun!

Vytas first voted out in a thrilling vote 6-4 against Abi-Maria. Kelley Wentworth was fun to watch. Jeff Varner is transforming into a villain.

AUG. 25, 2015

So we just finished binge-watching all 30 seasons of Survivor in less than 3 months and we still could not get enough of it. Survivor: Second Chance is coming up and we decided to set up this community for all of you Survivor fans so there will never be any dull day again. Survivor is up all the time from now on! This is Survivor AfterShow! This is Survivor AfterSeason AfterShow! This is the ultimate Survivor AfterShow! Rock and roll!!! \m/

As you can see at the top of the page where the menu is, there’s a dedicated link for Survivor Infinity. Please bookmark that page for easy access. You will find all the tribal councils available for you to join and make your point and outwit the other fans. Do you have what it takes by the way? I know you have. So keep rollin.

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